WES can assist in all occupational hygiene aspects of registration under the REACH regulations, including the development of scenarios and completion of exposure assessments. We have experience in compiling and reviewing exposure data, as well as using real and modelled data sources to develop robust exposure assessments. We are currently assisting multi-national companies and European-wide trade associations with various aspects of REACH. For example, collating and interpreting manufacturer & downstream user exposure data, developing exposure scenarios and assessments, undertaking risk characterisation and developing risk management measures.

We have extensive experience of European wide exposure assessments under the Existing Substances Regulations (ESR), the Notification of New Substances (NONS), as well as, now, under REACH legislation. Whilst working for HSE, Martin headed the Organic Chemicals and Carcinogens Section of the Occupational Hygiene Unit and prepared exposure assessments for many substances, including trichloroethylene, butadiene and Nvinyl pyrrolidone. Tracey also carried out many exposure assessments, including styrene and bis-phenol A. This involved liaison with manufacturers, importers, consortia and downstream users; collecting information on manufacture and downstream use of the substance, collecting and interpretating exposure data, developing scenarios and assessing exposure for each.

Martin was a lecturer on Hull University’s Postgraduate course in the management of REACH and was also on the British Occupational Hygiene Society’s REACH Steering Group which is aimed at enhancing and promoting understand and application of exposure assessment and of Risk Management Measures (RMMs).

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